Puddleduck Retrievers

Purchasing a Puppy

We take our breeding program very seriously and will only sell puppies to qualified buyers who plan on making their new puppy a part of their family. Therefore, we carefully screen potential buyers. Please take the time to complete our Puppy Owner Questionnaire.

A $200.00 deposit is required to hold a puppy. Price for a family companion is $2,000.00. Select puppies and started puppies are more depending on the training they receive.

Our puppies are handled from birth and a vast amount of time is spent with our puppies. We provide wonderful and very beneficial puppy socialization, confidence building, and an excellent training program. The program begins when the puppy is just 4-days-old and continues until the day the puppies go home.

At 3 weeks of age, the puppies are moved from the whelping box to a much larger area and they are introduced to a crate with a blanket inside. Their food and water bowls are placed next to the crate. Dogs do not like to pee or poop near their sleeping area, or where they eat, so they keep this area very clean. Completely removed from the crate is an area with shavings, so they can relieve themselves. The rest of the area is for the puppies to play in. By the time the puppies go home, they have been well-conditioned to sleeping in the crate and keeping it clean. Many people rave about how easy it was to crate train their puppy.

By 8 weeks of age, your puppy will have already been introduced to lots of socialization, mild stress (a special program successfully used by many, including Guide Dogs of America), many different noises (vacuum, cars going by, lawn mowers, hammering, etc.), crate training, house training, and car rides. We also get the puppies used to being touched all over their bodies, trim their toenails, clean their ears, open their mouths, and look in their ears. (This makes vet appointments easier, and much less stressful for the puppy.) We also work with the puppies on retrieving and obedience (sit, down, come, walking on a leash, and heeling on leash). We will go over these commands with you, so you can continue obedience training at home. Most of all, we give our puppies lots of love and attention!

Once you take your dog home, your relationship with Puddleduck does not stop. We are always willing and available if you have any questions, for the full life of your dog. Since 1992, Frances has raised Labrador Retrievers, and has trained all breeds of dogs. With her experience, she is more than qualified to answer most, if not all, of your questions.

Puddleduck Retrievers Puddleduck Retrievers Puddleduck Retrievers

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