Puddleduck Retrievers

Breeding Program

Breedings are carefully planned. Puddleduck will only breed healthy dogs with OFA certified Hips, OFA Certified Elbow clearance, EIC clear, CMN clear, Eyes certified by OFA, and at least one parent must be Optigen Normal to prevent prcd-PRA, a disease that will cause blindness. There is no cure for PRA at this time. Click here for more information on PRA.

The dogs used in our breeding program have excellent temperament, trainability, and the willingness to please.

Because of the love and care Puddleduck has for its dogs, we will only sell puppies to qualified homes, where the main purpose of the dog will be as a family companion. The primary goal at Puddleduck is to produce a beautiful, healthy puppy with an exceptional temperament, trainability, and more than enough personality. Our puppies have proven to be very versatile. With so much trainability bred into the dogs, they love to work and please. Puddleduck’s dogs excel in, but are not limited to, Obedience (AKC Hunt tests and/or hunting) and Agility. They also make exceptional Therapy dogs (nursing homes), Service dogs (trained for the disabled and deaf), Detection dogs, K9 Working Dogs and most importantly, outstanding family companions. Several of our dogs are part of the K9 team with the Maine State Warden Service are often appear on Northwoods Law, a reality show about the Maine Warden Service.

Puddleduck Retrievers Puddleduck Retrievers Puddleduck Retrievers

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