Puddleduck Retrievers

How It All Started

Frances Plessner has always had a love for dogs. In 1981 Frances’ bother, Ray, was entering the Marine Corp. Tana, his then twelve-week-old Husky mix would be in the care of Frances for the three months of his boot camp training. Little did Frances know, this would be the dog that would start it all. Most people would have given the dog its basic needs and went on about their day, but Frances couldn’t stop there; she had a desire to work with the dog. Because of the positive training, Tana was easily motivated to learn many obedience commands. Frances had never owned or trained a dog, but it just came naturally. When Ray returned, Frances was so proud of what Tana had accomplished she couldn’t wait to show her brother what his dog had learned. Ray couldn’t help noticing the connection between the two. After seeing Tana demonstrate obedience, with such enthusiasm to please, Ray knew that Frances had a gift with dogs. At that moment, Ray turned to Frances and said, “You’ve done a great job with your dog.”

Puddleduck Retrievers Puddleduck Retrievers Puddleduck Retrievers

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