Puddleduck Retrievers

Co-ownership Program

Puddleduck’s co-ownership program allows breeding dogs to live in a home environment. With this program, the co-owned dogs are able to have a wonderful life, living in a family home. At 7-weeks of age, we select the pick of the litter to add to the breeding program and at 8-weeks of the age, the chosen puppy will go to live with the co-owner. When the puppy reaches 2-years of age, the dog will have to pass all required health clearances prior to breeding and when time is right, the dog will be bred to a compatible male. After the breeding female’s has produced her second litter of puppies, she is retired from the breeding program and will be spayed and continues to live with her family.

This program has proven to be very successful and allows the dog to live a happy life, living with a family that loves and adores her and gives the dog continuity. For this reason, Puddleduck never has retired dogs available for placement. Male dogs are also a part of the co-ownership program.

Puddleduck Retrievers Puddleduck Retrievers Puddleduck Retrievers

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