Puddleduck Retrievers

Puddleducks Joey, Call name: Joey

In 2002, The Worcester family bought a female Chocolate Lab from Puddleduck, a little Princess named Ashley Marie Worcester. I have known Frances Plessner for many years; we used to train protection German Shepherds together for years. I 2003, Frances called me and wanted to know if we would be interested in another Chocolate Lab a Kennel Stud dog named Joey. Well of course when Mae, Brittany and I went to Puddleduck’s we couldn’t say no. Out came this handsome young male with huge shoulders, chest and a big block head. Instantly, Joey and Ashley were best of buds, Ashley and Joey were actually cousins. Joey started out a little unsure of the world but soon became a confident young man. Joey was full of love and affection for everyone. Joey was full of ball drive and loved to play ball. He would retrieve the ball or toys all day long. Joey and Ashley went with us everywhere; they loved to just ride in the car with us everywhere. Joey has great traits he is full of energy outside and when he comes inside the house he settled right in very quickly. Joey loves to play hide and go seek Mae, Brittany or I would hide when we got home and Joey and Ashley would race out of the outside kennel and fine us. Joey would get so excited he would just run around and Ashley finally taught him to use his nose to find the person hiding. Joey loved to sleep in our bed taking up most of the bed of course every night.

Frances would call us when it was time for Joey to breed and off we would go to Puddleduck’s to drop him off. The two weeks couldn’t go fast enough and Mae would always ask when is he coming home? We all just missed him very much. The funny thing was when we would get him back Ashley would be sitting in the car or Truck with her front legs crossed and ignores Joey for at least the first 30 minutes. Then they would go off and play and have fun. We would always wait for the news on all his litters and couldn’t wait to see pictures and we would also go and see the litters at Puddleducks. We loved seeing all the littler Joey block heads running around and playing.

Joey loved Ashley they would cuddle all day long in the igloo dog house that we have in our outside kennel waiting for us to return home from school and work. Joey is a super dog with all the great qualities.

In 2015, Brittany now in her mid-20’s, wanted a Joey Puppy and we were blessed with a male Brittany named Jackson, I call him JJ (Joey Jr.) they are so much a like it was incredible to watch the little things Joey does and then watch Jackson do the same thing. They now play together for hours with their toys and balls. They will wrestle and play and Joey is so gentle he lets Jackson win all the time. They will run after the ball and of course Jackson runs a hundred miles per hour and Joey will continue to trot out there and still try.

Just a few weeks ago, we had to lay our beloved Ashley down at the age of 14. In her last days Joey wouldn’t leave her side, lying beside her on her dog bed until the very end with her. He stood strong over her the day she went to sleep. This goes to show you how special a dog Joey really is, and we are so very lucky to have in in our lives. We call our dogs our kids and it’s very difficult when times like these arrive but we have to remember the great days and times and continue on in our lives. Joey is one very special Stud Dog and is going strong at 13 years old. I would like to say a special thanks to Frances and Puddleducks! You have wonderful dogs and we were blessed with Ashley and Joey in our lives. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that call years ago, for you allowing us the privilege to have Joey as a huge part of our family over the years. Joey is the Best.

Thank you again for everything.

OFA Hips and Elbows
Eyes certified
AKC Pedigree

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