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12/1/16 Splash, is a handsome black male, with an outstanding temperament! Splash is Co-owned with Mandy her husband and their beautiful little boy. This is what Mandy has to say about Splash.

Splash is the all-around versatile dog that every Labrador should be. I feel he is a prime example of what all breeders should strive for. He has excellent confirmation. Standing very stout with a beautiful topline and a true 'block head' he turns heads whenever in public. Splash has his Therapy Dog International certificate proving he has an excellent temperament around strangers. He can handle extreme situations while in public and is so gentle and calm that a child can walk him through the busy isles of any store. At home Splash has his very own "little human" who is a typical curious and adventurous toddler. Splash is so gentle and patient while his little is learning. Climbing, tugging, pulling, and poking from these little fingers doesn't bother Splash a bit. He actually enjoys the attention. Splash is very laid back in the home enjoys a good game of fetch, trail rides along his owners horse's side and skijoring in the winter season. His favorite activity is when he gets to work in the field. Splash has his AKC Junior Hunt title. He LOVES duck hunting. Lazy and gentle in the home is not who he is in the field. His natural hunting instincts, ability to mark, willingness to please, athleticism, drive and patient temperament has made him the ultimate waterfowl hunting partner. He has been a complete joy to train for the hunting field and always gives you 110%. As the owners of this dog we couldn't ask for a better temperament, looks, or drive. Splash has it all.

OFA Hips and Elbows
OFA Heart (echo)
Eyes certified
AKC Pedigree

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