Puddleduck Retrievers

Puddleducks Kai, Call name: Kai

Kai is a fantastic all around dog, she loves everyone she meets, although she can be pretty laid back, she loves to play, retrieve, and swim as well. She also loves to play with other dogs. Kai lives with a family of 9, and is the perfect family pet for them. Kai lives with Taylor, her husband, and their 9 children. This is what Taylor has to say about Kai…..

Kai is a fantastic family dog, truly a wonderful addition to our very active family.  She loves everyone, including the cats and even the chickens!  Kai loves to swim would love to be in the water all day.  She is a great companion in vehicles as she also loves to travel.  We couldn’t love her more!

Taylor and Family

Kai is OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows normal, EIC clear, CNM clear Eyes certified yearly.

OFA Hip and Elbow
Eyes certified
AKC Pedigree

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