Puddleduck Retrievers

Puddleducks Harlequin Call name: Harley

Harley is a very friendly black lab, she loves everyone she meets. Although, she is a very laid back dog, she can turn it on when she needs to. This is what Kevin and his family have to say about Harley.

11/20/16 Harley is a 2 and half year old black lab female. At 65 pounds, she is a strong swimmer and field dog with a lovable personality. She has blocky English features and a smooth, shiny coal black coat. Harley is a low key dog that is a couch potato at home. She loves to cuddle and snuggle and just be with her people. Harley is extremely relaxed. She is a sweet companion who wants to be loved. Despite her “Eeyore” style at home, she is quite the opposite in a hunting scenario. Harley has a great hunt drive and is extremely versatile. She hunts October upland birds as well as January Sea Ducks. She loves to ride in the family vehicle and is great with other dogs. She is very trainable but can be a little stubborn which also makes her a great hunting dog. Harley is a loyal companion and very adaptable to almost any environment. Harley is the ultimate family dog!
Kevin and Family

1/21/16 This was written by their 11 year old daughter.
Harley- Harley is a lovable, cuddly family dog. She has a wonderfully childlike attitude, that can be lovable and to be honest it can also be a little annoying, but you can usually always fined the fun in her, but in all can be fun and adventures, and is an overall loving, wonderful, and fabulous dog. She is also a very care free dog. I know my whole family loves her and always will and she loves us just as much. I have spent a long time with Harley and I never really liked dogs that are as laid back as she is but she is just wonderful. She is friendly toward every dog. She is also a hunting dog and a good one at that when she sees a bird you better believe she will go get it. In short story Harley is a laid back, childlike, bird hunting, wonderful, heart filled, loving, caring, cuddly, and family dog.

OFA Hips and Elbows
Eyes certified

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